Advantages of PGT Testing
With Reprogene

At reprogene, our mission is to provide the best and most accurate services to clinics and their patients. It is our top priority to double check results with our senior team to ensure valid results. We offer the latest PGT-A technology, fastest PGT-M set-up and custom designed probes for all of our clients, as well as accurate and comprehensive test results.

When working with reprogene, you can expect a clean genomic laboratory including Class 100 clean rooms, Quality Assurance measures, externally and internally validated and optimized protocols. We provide 24/7 phone service with our Laboratory Director to guarantee outstanding customer service. We know one program doesn’t suit everyone, so we provide extremely flexible programs for each of our patients.

Other advantages of PGT testing with reprogene include

  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis of all 24 chromosomes with lowest mosaicism rate in the industry.
  • Identification of embryos with genetic diseases even before implantation.
  • No additional charge for egg or sperm donor cases.
  • Embryology and biopsy services including on-site training of embryologists.
  • Customizable reports designed for the needs of the client.
  • Embryo biopsy buffer created to maximize results from amplification of DNA.
  • Different options for embryo banking/batching.

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