standard-title Non-Lethal Panel Testing (TruFive)

Non-Lethal Panel Testing (TruFive)

TruFive was developed as an alternative to the traditional cytogenetic FISH-based protocol. As a molecular genetics method, TruFive is more sensitive and accurate. Interpretation of TruFive test results is automated and objective, in contrast to the visual assessment of a laboratory scientist required by FISH.

Additionally, TruFive provides quality results at any stage of embryo development where FISH is limited to blastomere (day 3) biopsy. Trophectoderm (day 5) biopsy not only provides better PGS results, but also, less traumatic for the embryo. Because the TruFive workflow can be completed in just 6 hours, fresh transfers are possible with day 5 biopsy.

Who should use TruFive?

TruFive is a good option for couples seeking to select gender and identify the copy number of chromosomes 13, 18, and 21, which carry the most common non-lethal trisomies. TruFive can reduce the chance of miscarriage that result from these trisomies and improve the likelihood of implantation and the birth of a healthy child. With improved accuracy compared to FISH and lower cost compared to Tru24, TruFive may be a better option for many IVF patients.

What are the advantages of TruFive testing at Reprogene?

  • Highly precise copy number determination of chromosomes X, Y, 13, 18 and 21
  • Robust genetic test developed with rigorous in-house validation
  • A turn-around-time of 6 hours allows for fresh transfer even with day 5 biopsy
  • Simple workflow leads to low rate of failure
  • Lower cost option compared to comprehensive chromosome screening
  • State of the art genetics facility with fully equipped advanced technologies
  • Personalized/customized services to meet your center and patients’ needs
  • Flexible service options to immediately implement procedures
  • Best price without compromising service quality
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Accurate, comprehensive, and fast turnaround time for test results
  • CLIA and State Certified