standard-title Mitochondrial DNA Assessment (TruMito)

Mitochondrial DNA Assessment (TruMito)


What is TruMito?

TruMito is achieved using cutting-edge next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. NGS simultaneously reads the sequence of thousands of pieces of each chromosome to give a highly accurate aneuploidy analysis. The mitochondrial DNA is included in this analysis and sophisticated software generates a relative measure of mitochondrial DNA for each embryo.

Recent evidence provided by several laboratories suggests the quantity of mitochondrial DNA in chromosomally normal embryos is directly correlated to viability and implantation potential. Mitochondrial are a vital part of every cell and provide the energy required for development in embryos. The success of implantation is higher for embryos with lower quantities of mitochondria DNA. It is likely that abnormally high levels of mitochondrial DNA may result from metabolic disorder and a poor quality embryo.

Who Should Use TruMito?

TruMito can be performed alongside Tru24. Maternal age is positively correlated with the level of mitochondrial DNA, thus, TruMito can be very beneficial for patients of advanced maternal age. But, all patients seeking high quality euploid embryos and increased chances of implantation and pregnancy should request the additional TruMito analysis.  The TruMito results will further aid IVF physicians in choosing the embryos most like result in a successful cycle.

What are the Benefits of TruMito at Reprogene?

  • Highly accurate measure of the relative quantity of mitochondrial DNA
  • Cutting-edge next generation sequencing technology
  • Robust and sophisticated NGS analysis software computes the ratio of mitochondrial DNA to chromosomal DNA
  • TruMito will give IVF physicians another level of embryo scoring
  • Further increase the likelihood of successful implantation