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Staff Bios

Dr. Tamer Hussein, PhD. CEO/Scientific Director, MScMed, HCLD/ELD

Dr Tamer

Dr. Tamer Hussein is the founder and Director of Reprogene. He earned his PhD from Adelaide University Australia and has extensive experience in a clinical and research setting. Dr. Husseins PhD work in oocyte maturation and embryo production in-vitro, was preceded by a Masters degree from The University of Sydney in reproductive health science and human genetics. He earned his undergraduate work in molecular biology and genetics.

Dr. Hussein was involved in establishing and managing preimplantation genetic diagnosis laboratories where he trained many scientists in embryo biopsy and genetic testing by Flourescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) and Molecular Array Technology. Dr. Hussein’s primary focus is on conducting clinical research on investigating and examining the influence of all chromosomal abnormalities, via comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), in human reproduction. He is dedicated to discover new non-invasive technologies including developing new PGD techniques for embryo selection for measuring developmental potential of the oocyte and embryo health. Dr. Hussein believes that the use of Microarray Technology (CGH-24) for comprehensive analysis of all chromosome and genetic diseases will allow for better embryo selection to increase the likelihood of implantation, reduce the chance of miscarriage, and improve the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby. In addition, Dr. Hussein focuses on blastocyst biopsies to minimize embryo damage during biopsy, and to obtain more precise results for the genetic background of the embryo.

Dr. Hussein’s numerous peer-reviewed publications in reproductive biology and embryology have been published in respected scientific journals. He has presented at several national and international conferences and has been awarded a number of scientific prizes including MLA new scientist award and USA merit award.

Dr. Hussein is board certified as High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD) and Embryology Laboratory Director (ELD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB). He is member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, American Association of Bioanalysts, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society and Society for Reproductive Biology.

Valentin Galitovskiy, PhD, Molecular Laboratory Director

 Dr. GalitDr Valentinovskiy received outstanding education at the renowned Russian Academy of Science. He received his Masters of Science degree in Molecular Biology at Nizhniy Novgorod State University, as well as his second M.Sc. in Advance Biomaterials and Tissue engineering from Pushchino State University (Moscow region). He was also awarded a PhD in Molecular- Biology and obtained his post doctorate fellowship at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

During his fellowship he was part of developing a new super high sensitive and rapid laser technique to detect nicotine in normal and cancer cells.

After post doctorate fellowship, Dr. Galitovskiy joined a pioneer research group at the University of California, Irvine. His focus involved investigating SNP’s detection assay for mutation discovery. He was responsible in handling many laboratory duties including preparing samples for genetic analysis, performing PCR technique and operating the equipment for genotyping. This included set up for DNA sequencing and assigning sequence variants; genotyping analysis and calling alleles; primers and probes design; and innovative mutations/variant detection methods. He was also responsible for blood separation and DNA/RNA extractions from various human biological specimens using knowledge of current state of molecular analysis and tumor biology. Finally, he developed a unique method for DNA extraction from human tissues, lending to his 10 years experience in molecular biology.

Dr. Galitovskiy has also been a contributing researcher for the Ovarian Cancer Association (OCAC) which involved looking at gene variant pathways that are very important to ovarian cancer. In this work he evaluated a series of hypotheses regarding genetics and the genetically based modification of certain exposures to ovarian cancer as well as assessment of gene environment interaction on ovarian cancer risk. The research papers that summarize obtained results are currently published in the most prestigious international biomedical journals.

Sami Nasser, Creative Director

Sami N

Sami joins our team with 12 years experience as a Director and Graphic Designer. He specializes in varying degrees of Graphic Design and Marketing, and has received several awards for his work. Sami is behind the design and creation of the Reprogene Brand Image, logo development as well as marketing collateral and strategies. He continues to design, create and produce all company projects needed to further enhance our Brand Image.






Emily Oldham, Director of Sales & Marketing

EmilyEmily attended Utah Valley University in Provo, Utah. She joins our team with 11 years sales experience in advertising, media, health & beauty, and retail consumer goods. Emily most recently owned her own marketing & health supplement company in Irvine, Ca where she built lasting relationships with clients and helped to promote healthier lifestyles. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Ut and enjoys snowboarding, and running outside but welcomes the sun and beaches of California. In her free time she enjoys wakeboarding, kickboxing, and spending time with her nieces and nephews. She looks forward to the opportunity to build new relationships and bring new advancements to our partner facilities.





Amber Ayala, Medical Assistant

AmberAmber attended Concorde Career Institute in Garden Grove, California. She enjoys working as a medical assistant and specializes in taking Vitals, CPR, Phlebotomy, Lab work/testing, and assisting our specialized team of embryologists and Dr’s.

She is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with her godson, and 3 year old lab named Rocky.

Amber believes it is a blessing to have the opportunity to develop relationships with patients and celebrate the growth of families.