First we want to thank all the clinics who joined in for our webinar. We hope that  have piqued your interest about Embryo Mitochondrial DNA Ratio as a Viability Marker. We are very interested in the mtDNA ratio as a viability marker, which is why we are taking the time to complete the evaluation.

If you missed our webinar, please email requesting the recorded presentation to be sent to you.

Are you wondering what the webinar is all about? Here is a preview:

Advancements in technology allow for a quick and accurate assessment of the mitochondrial DNA in embryo biopsies. Data from this assessment may be useful as a viability marker and may help determine the best embryos to transfer for higher pregnancy success rates. Current headlines read:

“Mitochondria’s role in female fertility”

“Evolutionary defined role of the mitochondrial DNA in fertility, disease and ageing”

“Mitochondrial DNA mutations affect male and female fertility and ageing”

But where do YOU stand? Not enough data to make a determination?

Be part of Reprogene’s Evaluation of Embryo Mitochondrial DNA Ratio!!!

What are the benefits of being part of our evaluation? 

  • Free educational webinar
  • Free lunch (first 3 clinics to confirm attendance)
  • Preview initial data collected
  • Rewards and incentives to your clinic for PGS testings
  • Clinic features on publications
  • First to receive results of the evaluation

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